Take a Look See!

Yes, I promised planters... but there's exciting news for the Old House Revival Company (of which we reside on the 3rd level). I've been commissioned to completely revamp the website and set up a blog for customers and friends to keep track of what's new at the shop. Well, it's done! Please check it out and let them know what you think.

We love being part of the Old House Revival Company Antique Mall. They have restored an old Winnipeg factory in the most fantastic way. It's always fun to see what the other vendors have brought in week to week and how they arrange their spaces. When I'm there, I honestly don't want to LEAVE! Just ask my husband how many times I've said "I'm just going in for a bit, I'll be back in an hour." Often that translates to at least 4, lol!

I hope customers feel the same! If you live in the area and haven't been to the Old House, take a visit. I honestly beleive it's the most beautiful antique mall I've been in to date.