Butterflies in my...house?

Everyday on my drive to and from work, I pass a total of 5 houses on the same very long street which all share something in common. House Butterflies. I'd say they really bring Spring to mind, if it weren't for the snow resting on their big wooden wings.

I get pretty nostalgic when I spot these tacky giant wood insects, which confuses my husband who can't figure out why I consistently point them out, as in "Look!! House butterflies!" from the car window as we zoom by another wide wooden sided 1960's bungalow.

Back in tha day, our family would routinely take the Sunday trip from Winnipeg to Selkirk Mb, past the Skinners Catfish and down Strathnaver to roll into the driveway of a special little white sided house, red trim, wooden butterflies. My Nan and Pop built this house themselves (as the story goes) my Nan dug the cellar herself. Quite a feat - I'm sure. These one's were of the Monarch variety if I remember correctly, and a flock of 3 different sizes. I always thought they were weird. I'm not a butterfly lover - just ugly worms with fancy wings in my opinion. They kind of creeped me out with their chunky plywood wings and screw filled bodies.
Still...they always welcomed us in to Nan and Pops, with the duck cookie jar full of hard store bought oatmeal chocolate chip cookies - or better yet - peak freans style assorted. I could never eat the yo-yo's, I'm allergic to peanut butter. Sundays ment afternoons of playing in the gazebo, dad forcing us to eat gooseberries, dinner in the tiny dining room over a padded vinyl tablecloth, evenings watching Walt Disney on our bellies in the brown shag, and sunsets with Pop playing domino's and checkers in the kitchen. He never let me win out of pity (or ever for that matter!).

Wooden wall Butterflies, who knew? This summer I'm going to seek out a few - hopefully 3 to fly lazily across our own front porch. Ready to bewilder the neighbors at my tacky taste, prone freak out my young son, and sure to remind me of those days with Nan and Pop every time I look at them.

Flickr Pic Creds: first pic, middle, last.