Today I woke to find the sun shining in the clear blue sky and half expected to see tiny green buds on the trees. Too bad the warm days don't begin until mid April in these parts of Canada.

Never the less, I now take every puddle as a sign of something wonderful to come.

For us this means:
- Morning walks to play on the grassy banks of the Assiniboine River.
- Strolls past the century old homes, their picket fences and wildflower gardens.
- Teaching my little one to ride his Radio Flyer 3 wheel
- The first season of Smurf Soccor (does this mean I'm a soccor mom???!!!)
- The season of garage and tag sales begins, so I'm out early every Saturday with cofee mug in hand and canvas bag slug over my shoulder.
- Sundays full of cleaning, painting and repairing my treasures so they shine at the shop.

I love Spring, the Freshest of all seasons.What does Spring mean for you?