My Favorite Chore - Part 2

In the first instalment of "My Favorite Chore" I discussed how I adore cleaning new found 50's kitchen and tableware.

Well I've discovered a new favorite must do household activity... the Laundry!

Only when it involves batches of vintage tablecloths of course! In this particular load we have 23 excellent 40's and 50's cotton tablecloths and 5 sweet old aprons, alongside some napkins and a pillowcase or two. After I tag them all, they will be ready for the weekend to display. You may see me happily set up with an iron in hand if you stop by this Sunday! It's so wonderful to see them hanging together on our funky red rack.

Stop by soon for the best selection.
Tablecloths $10 - $32 each
Aprons $8 - $18 each
Napkin Sets - $5 and up

Some helpful hints on cleaning old cloths can be found at The Vintage Table they have some beautys for sale there too!