What a lucky weekend!

This weekend was so much fun! We kick started Spring with a virtual HORDE of amazing finds from the 50's and 60's. Big thanks to the great guy who shared some of his collection of fab 50's things with me. It was great meeting you! That cherry fridge has made my year! ps. display only - this one's for KEEPS

Things are moving fast as spring rolls in and the goodies are plentiful. I must admit, I've kept some of the best for myself - but how could I not? Check out this retro TV. Expect to hear and see some great old cartoons next time you stop by Urban Nostalgia in the Old House Revival Co.

I wasn't too greedy (I wish I could be) and brought in alot of beautiful things to share. Check out the "What's New" category on our sidebar for more sneaky peeks.

I kept one of those fern plates to hang on the wall too...but there are still 2 left for you!

Ok. Back to reality where I try make a bit of a living from selling vintage and not keeping all of it for myself! Visit often this month, as we are bringing in some new items we've had made just for us. I'll debut them on the blog when they've arrived, so check back. I promise, they are 2 COOL 4 SCHOOL (seriously tho, don't wear them to school) *hint*