Mack Tack Attack

I've been putting off doing restyles for some time now. It's been a nice break just focusing on "as is" original vintage which needs nothing more than some soap and water (and maybe a magic eraser or two). However, my true love is the extreeme vintage makeover, and yesterday I whipped myself into a diy frenzee and tackled this project in a total of 4 hours from it's purchase. You've seen this cabinet before - low simple lined china cabinet with plate glass sliding doors. I was pleased to find this one with solid construction, permanent shelving and a matching pair of unchipped or scratched glass doors.

The real inspiration was a roll of very cool contact paper in aqua blue woodgrain. I knew it was a slim chance I'd find another roll of this unique print any time soon so I had to make it count.

The result is pretty fab in my estimation! It fit just where I needed it to in my tiny dining room, and now some of my favorite collections are proudly on display.

If you visit our shop, you'll see there have been more changes. Expect to find some equally original redesigns very soon.