Melmac Attack

Whew! This weekend was a busy one. More furniture arrived at the shop, and there was a lot of re-arranging to do. Lucky me! Good thing I live for that sort of thing.

While moving things around I started to gather up our vintage melamine collection of mugs, cups, bowls, plates, platters and serving ware. Those playful aqua blues, greens, pinks, yellows and a whole rainbow of colors really spell out summer fun! My favorite are the patterned plates, which are perfect to give your patio some vintage style. The entire range of durable, colorful melamine ware is so much fun to use and display. Imagine what homemakers must have thought when Melmac debuted?

Plastic cups... thanks for the wedding gift...haha. I wouldn't have minded a pristine vintage set at all actually!

Last time Mac-Tac this time Melmac...what's next? You bet. Look forward to Rick-Rack...I have a great post brewing for that one!