Up-Cycled Book Journals

When summer rolls in, I'm always just so thrilled to finally get out of the house that I often stay outside until dark (despite the mosquito's) and we've been going to the fair, building stairs, going for bbqs, smurf soccor meetings, and walks to the park and garden market. Today I sat down and realized how long it had been since my last post.

One thing I need to mention is that we have brought in a new supply of up-cycled vintage book journals to the shop. Pretty much something for everyone, child and adult themes.

Each journal is full of heavy weight blank pages and professionally coil bound. They make excellent journals, sketch books & scrapbooks. Customers have told us they use theirs for coloring books for their little ones (a lovely keepsake memory to tuck away for when they're grown), art journals, and personal cookbooks to paste clippings and hand wright recipes. If giving a journal as a gift, it may be a nice idea to include a note or paste a picture or recipe to give the recipient ideas for how to use their up-cycled journal.