That little House Dress

Little bit of a brag post today. Check out the neat 50's house dress turned prairie girl skirt I picked up at a sale this weekend. The top was very cute, but was ill fitting and pretty torn, but at $2.00 it was too good to pass up. Out came the sheers and off came the top. A simple stitch hemmed up the waistband. I love the vintage fern print and grassy green pipping. I wouldn't suggest anyone make a habit of chopping up vintage handmade dresses of course, but if you find one which has seen it's day, as often the lack of stretch in older fabrics made for tight fits and easy tears, why not re purpose one yourself. You may be thrilled with the result!

If you like the look of vintage 50's and 60's casual and cute dresses, but aren't handy with the sewing machine, let one of my favorite shop spots Mod Cloth entice you!