Hi Stranger

Well, summer is coming to a quick close, and as the kids go back to school (and the teachers too) we know our days of sunny leisure are numbered. Oh well...it was a nice one. I tried to spend as much time outside as I could, and every weekend with family. This might explain the lack of posts.

To make amends, I thought I'd share some vintage craft magazine pages. These pull me in with their whimsical retro illustrations, but they also have some quaint crafty lessons which you may enjoy sharing with your kids or tweaking a bit to use in your own crafting.

The following lesson is an easy one from Kap Kraft Books "Make it with YARN" circa. 1966. I remember making these "Twirl Pictures" in elementary - a fun tactile way to create. Page 2 offers instructions on how to make simple pom-poms. Who doesn't like a pom-pom?

Happy Making!