I'm Making Things

I like making things, don't you? There's something therapeutic about dreaming up something and bringing it all together. I'm an ideas person, and sometimes I wish to have a trusty team of little crafting elves which would bring all these ideas into fruition! But alas, turns out nobody works for free (not even elves).

Paper Doll Throw Pillow

Usually I put shop business as priority. Sometimes my projects stay a bit longer in my home than scheduled, but they always make their way to the shop sooner or later. The paper doll pillow shown here is one I've created just for the shop, but a motif I'd love to expand on (do I really need to sleep? I wonder....). It's made to compliment a super cute pair of brown 50's vintage armless lounge chairs. They will be in shop this weekend, but I'll wait until they're in place before I post a picture. LOVE THEM!

On the go is a fantastic retro Danish made dining table (with leaf) and chairs in ultra vintage green. It is going to make you fall in love in September. Expect to see a lot of these colors this season!