About Me

I realized this week that I've been maintaining this little blog o'mine for over 17 months now. Over that time I've focused on shop news primarily. Now, I think it's time to give this project a bit more respect and thought. I'd like to introduce more personality for you, my readers. Many of you already know me on some level - but maybe you don't and might be interested in who is behind UN. I have many stories about the history of how I arrived to where I am and where I plan to go with Urban Nostalgia in the future.

So here is a little intro and recap about this little blogger:

Name: Jill

Age: 28

City: Winnipeg, born in the North End, Residing in the french quarter (lol) St. Boniface.

Family: Blissfully Married for 7 years to my best friend and boyfriend since I was 15years old. One super special almost 3 year old son, one cat named Karma.

Favorite Color: Always changing - but Aqua blue and Orange are a constant.

Loves: Crafting, creating, dreaming, decorating, sketching, listening to music, taking pictures, thrifting, treasure hunting, vintage accessories like handbags, belts, hats, scarves and jewelry.

Eats: Coffee with low fat milk and sugar twin, almost anything with pesto on it, samosas, Carlos and Murphey's Nacho's, salsa and guacamole. Spicy Ceasers and Lime Margareta's (blended with lots of salt), Sals Red Cake.

Won't Eats: Red Meat, Cream, Mayo, Raw fish,

Can't Eats: Raspberries, Nuts and Coconut

Wears: Jeans (now skinny - they're so funny!) Sneakers, Boots, Hoodies Galore, Scarves, Long necklaces.

Favorite beauty secret: Marcelles Tinted Moisturizer - I swear by this 100% for healthy looking skin and spf protection!

Secret Day Job: Elementary school Paraprofessional

I Suck at: Spelling, Confrontations , Returning Calls, Running fast, Push ups, Cooking.

I Rock at: DIY Graphic Design, Smiling at people, Finding the coolest vintage, Styling a room, Describing something (to a fault), Being a mom and wife.

Things I say too much: Super, Cool, Awesome, Wicked, Like..., Heinous, Amazing, Whatever, Shut-up!

Now you know a bit more about me :-)