At Home

Since this blog has been primarily about our little shop, I thought it might be fun to let our readers in on some of my favorite finds at home. It's true, most of the treasures I unearth make their way over to the shop eventually, but these are the ones I've had with me for quite awhile. I think they're all keepers for one reason or other.

My husband, 3 year old son and I (with our long haired scritchy-scratchy feline Karma) live in a 1100 sq foot, circa. 1914, 2 storey "Prairie Box" or "American Foursquare". Basically, 2 floors and a front porch. This is a very popular style for old homes in our area. The plan and materials were purchased out of the Sears Catalog, in which home builders would buy the whole home from studs to staircases and doors from a whole home catalog. We purchased it 7 years ago and have been renovating ever since.

Up first is the master bedroom. Funny to call it that since it's too small to be called a master of anything...

Visit my flickr At Home photo set for descriptions of each photo including where I found some of the items pictured.

I love orange in the bedroom. It cheers me up every morning, even on cloudy days. What color do you like for the bedroom?