Livingroom Reno

I have been thinking for a long time about how best to renovate our little front living room. As I mentioned before, we live in this kind of old house. The layout of the front porch spanning the entire front of the house results in a very shady lower level. Thank goodness the windows are large or I might go into a depression over the lack of sunlight! It's the one thing I can't change and it drives me nuts!

Here is the only long wall in my living room which isn't interrupted by a window or archway. It has been the same shade of drab pea soup since we moved in. At the time I thought it was earthy and cozy. At this point I feel like it's yellowing with age - I hate it! I'm focusing on a shade of white for the new space, which is a real chore in itself. Who knew there were so many shades of white? I'm leaning toward a tinge of cream white - but might give in to a designer white - a greyer hue. All the wood moulding (there's alot of it!) must be painted as well. I'm going for a tone on tone look with satin walls and semi gloss woodwork. The trick is trying to capture the hue of natural sunlight so the color must be played with to compensate for the shady exposure.

When the paint issue is resolved (hopefully this weekend) my shelving project begins. I purchased six 6 foot pieces of 2 x 6 ceder decking and 12 white brackets. This will reach from approx 2 feet from the floor to the ceiling. Finally, shelving for all my favorite vintage finds, a small ipod dock and this TV!

inspiration image collected for my design file from decor8