"Lovingly worn by 100's of Hands"

This is the motto of etsy seller vintagebethany. I recently came across some great board puzzles from the 60's and 70's. Working at a school has it's perks when coming across unwanted vintage supplies and toys!

Vintagebethany knows all about this! Their profile details "This shop is a fundraiser for Bethany Methodist Weekday School. All items listed were lovingly used for the past 50+ years of the school's existence. The worn patina of our listings were done by 100s of little hands. This makes each listing a true Vintage Bethany."

The vintage board puzzles available are so sweet, and very inexpensive. Wouldn't these colorful depictions make great artwork in an office, kitchen or child's room? A good tip is to use stick tack (that blue plasticine stuff) to stick each puzzle piece in place without damaging the puzzle. Well loved, light hearted toys are a great addition to any home decor. They're sure to add a feeling of warmth and whimsy - and who doesn't enjoy that?