Sweet Treats

I like ice cream. I only let myself have it once a month however, and never buy some to have at home. My favorite is DQ cookie dough. When I was in grade 9, I went to a friends for a sleepover. I remember we played the Ouija board and ate whole tubes of cookie dough. That's so gross to me now - but at the time it seemed like an awesome idea!

Anyhow, back to icecream. I listed a new print in the etsy shop. I acquired this 50's ice cream menu a few years ago and just recently had the time to digitally clean up the fades and yellowing so I could offer it as an print. I love the low low prices for an entire sundae! Can you believe only 40 cents?

We still have some cute ice cream related items at local shop. There are a set of genuine Dairy Queen banana split bowls in green and red plastic! Also, pretty glass sundae and banana split cups and bowls.

Check out Beyond the Valley's set of 3 pop art inspired drive in theatre ads (Strawberry Sundae shown above). So much fun!