wooly wonders

This weekend I happened upon a great yarn sample sale. Tables and tables full of all colors and types. There was even yarn made from milk proteins! It was so silky.

I've just started knitting and am half way through a turquoise blanket for my son's teddy bear. I am at the most basic level - proud that I can even cast on! Still, when I saw those luscious mohair purples and vibrant greens and the soft natural wools, I couldn't resist at 50 cents a ball. The lady at the sale gave me a wonderful idea on how to make no-knit scarves, which I will happily share with you once I get a chance to make one up. Just in time for christmas presents!

I thought after the sale was over, it would have been nice to post the location here to give others a heads up on such a great local sale. After all, I can't buy everything and there has been a lot of times where I left behind some great deals because they just wouldn't fit in my car or my budget wouldn't allow it!

Oh yeah...happy MONDAY!