A Day to Make

I've decided. I'm going to designate a day to MAKE. I think it'll be Wednesday - seems like a do nothing, middle of the week, sit around and make something kind of day. I always feel happier after accomplishing some small creative project. There are quite a few to-do's on the list but I think it's about time to let myself just have fun - no strings attached! Just an evening to enjoy some music, a cup of chocolate chai tea, surrounded by stuff to make. Love it.

I recently learned to knit, so a long loopy scarf is on top of my list. I have great wool for the project!

Spool knit headbands would be really fun. I posted a how to from an old craft magazine I had HERE The photo above is one of new spool knit found here.

A play on this felt paper doll is a project I've been sketching out. Think cute voodoo dolls.

I'm thinking, if I put aside time every week up until the holidays are here, I might make good on this...and avoid the mall entirely!