Favorite Things

Pictured above are some of my favorite little things around the house. They make me smile. The ink drawn portrait is one of 2 my inlaws brought back for us from Quebec city a few years ago. They purchased it from a street artist, how romantic. It's a goal of mine to visit there soon.

I love bright 60's enamel and plastic pins, and this white and coral one is my favorite one. With it is a beautiful silver cuff bracelt from Thailand, also one of my mother in laws trips.

Another weakness I have is for chalk boards. We currently have 5 in the house (one huge one in the entry and several small ones) and beleive me, that's what I consider edited.

Lastly, I picked up this old xylophone at a tag sale because of it's great coloring. It sits on our coffee table just in case guests feel like breaking out into a wicked xylo solo.

I've updated my much neglected list of inspiring blogs today. Daily reads only! They're the best!