First Snow

No, these images (save for the last) aren't in grey scale. That's the color of my world today. But to the hundreds of thousands of children around the city today their world is silver and glittery white!
This time of year brings a bevy of cons, such as my little trusty Civic revving over those deep ruts in the street, soaked suede boots, runny noses, water puddles on the hardwood, and of course the biting cold.
But to those without a care, the snow means everything wonderful! Snow angels, forts and snowballs, snow people and ice Skating.

The adults groan, the children cheer.

Not me this year! I'm going to be among those winter enthusiasts who shine up their sleds and cross country skis, a thermos full of hot coffee, ready for an invigorating day of fresh crisp winter air! HA! unlikely...

Well, maybe not so enthusiastic. But I will keep a positive attitude and I know just who to look to for inspiration. This morning Luke awoke with a grin on his face, and it hasn't faded since. Peering out the window his first comment was "Ohhhhhhh! It's beeeauuutifullll..." He's right. It is. And with my promise for us to get dressed up and go make snowballs, I too will strive to see the beauty in our long many winter months (think now until April or May).

Check back with me in March. I might not be so positive.

Happy Weekend Everyone!