Makeday 1

Hey, remember when I mentioned Wednesday being official make day? Well I plan to make good on it. It's true that almost everyday I make (or fix) something for Lune or the local Shop. Last night it was a new cream corduroy cushion cover for a great low wood framed 50's chair. I get a sense of accomplishment from this, but it isn't really much fun when I know it isn't something I can keep or gift.

Today I'm starting on a brand new project that I've been sketching. It's kind of an experiment, and I can't wait to show you my prototype. Today might be a shop for supplies kind of day but there definitely will be some cutting and stitching. These are for keep, gifting and if they get a good response, eventually sale. Excited!

What do you think about the idea of a make day? Do you think it's possible to set aside a day every week when balancing work and family time? Maybe locking yourself in a room might help! lol!