My Love Story

Today is my 8th wedding anniversary with my T. I feel soooooooo lucky to have my best friend be by my side every single day. Our history together spans back 14 years. We started dating when we were 15 and 16, so it's pretty cool that we got to grow up together, which is why I think we mesh so completely. He's a beyond great husband +++, the best daddy and definitely the coolest person I know.

I fell so hard for him that first night I met him.
When I thought he could never be my boyfriend, I almost died when we first talked on the phone.
I cried with complete happiness when he proposed on the balcony.
My dreams came true when we wed on the cliffs.
My heart swelled when he first held our son and named him.
Every day we spend together makes me love him more.

I don't know how it's possible for me to love him more than I do today, but tomorrow I know I will find a way. It's so wonderful to love him.

and that's my love story.