Here's a quick snap of before the reno's really got rolling. The previous shop was set up much nicer than this, this is how it looked after the big sale - but the point of the shot is to give you an idea of how the space looked before the renos.

The new color scheme is crisp white, light aqua blue with hits of cherry red. I'm keeping the walls light to brighten up the space. We are south facing, and on a sunny day get a good amount of light. I'm excited about how easy it'll be to take pictures in the space once we're up and running.

The ceiling was already painted a nice Ralph Lauren charcoal grey, so that'll just receive touch ups, and be complimented by a charcoal grey cement floor. We're using a concrete re-surfacer with a bit of texture. No more layers of stinky old carpet.

The lighting is something I'm currently figuring out, but we may go with pendent paper lanterns in the studio area, cash area and display areas. I have several extra large chalkboards and Candice has giant S-H-E letters which are black and red ... not to mention a select collection of the best vintage to be debuted next month. Just wait till you see the retro dresses...drool!