Living Cozy

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Holly asks readers to write "what living cozy, living well, living in the moment, means to you."

I wanted to share with you my spur of the moment entry. It's what immediately came to mind, but I think it conveys how I feel perfectly.

Living well, cozy, and in the moment means: having things I love around me. Colors that make me happy. Fresh flowers and potted plants. A growing ever evolving collection. Keeping nothing just for the sake of keeping it, only because I use it, or it makes me happy. Lots of books with pretty pictures. Items with history that tell a story. Photos I've taken that remind me of happy times and people I love. Pillows that are allowed on the floor. A notebook on hand for doodling. Sunlight and fresh air. A bare wood floor and not a carpet to be seen. A place to be messy. My family to cuddle up with. A place that is ours.