Our World

Baby Elephant, originally uploaded by Lune Vintage.

It's pretty crazy and exciting these days. There's going to be a bunch of changes, and I'd love to take you all on my journey. Wanna come and play?

First exciting news, the new website is in the works (by me). It's going to be filled with our best vintage, craft ideas, and details on the local shop.

Which leads me to the other (and more) exciting news, Lune Vintage is moving! I've had the fortune to partner up with a great woman whom I've known since my first co-op. She's an experienced business owner, amazing vintage finder, and inspired artist. Our new shop is in the process of a serious renovation.

I think instead of keeping it all under wraps until the big unveil, I'd like to cronicle and share our exciting journey here. What better way is there to convey how we love what we do, and to share our passion for vintage and craft with you?