We worked all weekend. I hurt by back last week when I had a fall at work, ouch! So Friday was a bit of a washout. Sweet T painted so much of the store himself, and all of the floor - which is aquamarine now by the way! The cement cured very blotchy, so I had no choice but to paint over it, but I'm more than happy with the result. I love how the store is a great place to unabashedly play with color and pattern the way I restrain myself from in my own home.

I also said farewell to the Old House Revival Co. and moved what was left out, sorted for what's coming to the new store, and gifted away the rest. I was surprised how little there was to pack up in the end, and I was so complimented by comments customers were giving me on how they enjoyed my space. It was really great, and I hope our new shop will offer even more opportunity for creativity. Plus, I now have WALLS to hang things on! Whoooo hooooo!

Last evening I painted up a table Candice had at iCandy before the renovation. I liked it's cute bamboo rungs and shape, but it was a bit too cottagey with the shabby white paint job. It's going to receive a retro lattice pattern on the surface later on today to give it that extra edge, but I'm already pleased with the new vivid aqua color!

Happy Mondays!
xo Jill