Alice in Wonderland inspired our current window display. A pretty "Alice falls down the rabbit hole" blue frock inspired the look, paired with a vintage lacy blouse, full crinoline and back satin sash. Red heart luggage, glossy ruby cameos, stitched bags, a powder blue teacup and vintage children's stories complete the fairytale scene.

Today was alive with activity. The sun was shining, and even though it was still cool out, I had the door open all day. A long list of TO-Do's hardly got touched, but that's ok because I had a blast meeting new people, helping customers and showing visiting friends around the shop.

NEW STOCK - includes a funky pole lamp with sapphire blue spaghetti shades, and a glossy acid green table lamp with your choice of retro lampshades. Also, a large selection of Polaroid cameras, accessories, bags and film (180 and 600). Several new dresses have been freshly re-tailored and washed.

Next week is guaranteed to bring more new goodies. See you then!
PS. Our schedule will be altered as the warmer days arrive to include several hours on Sunday as well.