I've been a bad blogger this week... It's been one of those strange ones since it was Victoria Day long weekend last sat-mon. It only feels like Tuesday, but somehow feels like Monday. Yuck. My cold's still kicking, but everyone else seems to have been cured. I'm not getting enough sleep because I can't stop thinking and making and planning. It makes me happy and crazy at the same time.

Did you know that people see you oposite of how you see yourself in the mirror? I never really thought about that, but it makes a difference. We took Luke to the science museum on Mon. and there was a display of 2 mirrors showing the difference. Maybe that's why I always think I look so weird in pictures - I'm all backwards :-) Really...that's no suprise.

I'll be back tomorrow with a more interesting, color filled post from Lune. Until then, Happy Weekend!

XO - Jill