living with less

This is our dining room. We live in a pretty small 2 storey from 1914 (1120 sq. feet). The footprint is small but the ceilings are high and there are lots of little interesting rooms. The small space means that I rarely am able to keep the cool things I find for Lune for myself, but the things I do keep really belong in our home.

I love this chalkboard. It's a great place for love notes, sketches & idea lists (I feel like a mad scientist), and teachers helper/drawing place for our 3 year old. The oval tulip table makes a great spot for sewing and cutting fabric, but doesn't take up a huge amount of real estate. The fern filled vintage curtain panel filters the light beautifully, and I'm so pleased that I decided to keep it. The yellow metal step stool/chair is used every day for a chair when working at my kitchen island, on the chalk board, as a ladder and ... a time out chair :-0 Tiny vintage pots with retro green or aqua glaze fill up with flowers in the summer (and aloe in the winter).

It's always a work in progress. When something stops being useful or visually pleasing to us, I'm happy to offer it up to the next person who will love it. In the past few years I've been trying to really edit the things that I live with, and it's resulted in a feeling of ease and comfort in our home. With spring upon us, I suggest sorting your clutter and you'll be amazed how unclouded your mind will feel.

PS. If what you loved once still has life for another, Lune Vintage also buys cool vintage housewares, furniture & clothing. ;-D

XO - Jill