those who crafted before us...

I've been under the weather the past 2 days, and we're kind of under quarantine - cooped up in the house. The Winnipeg May weather is depressingly damp and cold, verging on snowing which completely sucks, period.

The upside is I've had some time to sort out my supplies. They were starting to pile up outside of my studio, into my kitchen, and out the back hall. While going through my paint supplies, I found this.

My Auntie Laura was a major crafter. She had several rooms in her house devoted to painting, woodworking, knitting and sewing. She had every tool in the book. Coincidentally, she also was big into antiques, and decorated her main space with some amazing danish teak furniture. I loved going to her house when I was young. They had a loft, two spiral staircases and a secret apartment above the garage which was full of crazy vintage and pretty delicate antiques.

When she passed away 2 years ago, my uncle wanted me to go through her craft supplies and take what I could use. I still haven't gone through all the boxes, but what I found told me a deeper story about who she was, and what she loved most. They were always reflected in her art.

Here's to those who crafted before us. Where did you inherit your creative spark? Do you think creativity is in the genes?