hearts, originally uploaded by Lune Vintage.

after spending some time this afternoon with my lovely SIL Shoshana and my super cute nephews (and my little boy of course), I was feeling inspired. I mapped out and made 4 wallet/pouches today before I ran out of time...and had to hem some pants :-) That kind of kills the vibe.

Tomorrow, I'm attending a conference on Art Infusion in the Digital Age. Looking forward to it, although I'm not entirely clear on what's being covered. After this, I'll be at the shop for a meeting of the minds (we're also open until 8pm). We have some really exciting ideas to spruce up the facade of Lune. I'm embarrassed to show you what it looks like now - kind of like a back lane entrance really. When it comes together - I hope it'll be something the city hasn't seen yet. Big - right?

Happy Weekend! Treat your Mommy Right!