I've been going through a bit of a purging obsession with our house lately. Suddenly I want to live minimally, I guess it's the time of year that wide open spaces make me feel less hot (in my non-air conditioned little old house). So, there are a few amazing furniture and lighting pieces coming into Lune this weekend...

This beautiful mid century fold down, tomato red vinyl sofa is one of those sweet treasures. Another is a teak and metal 1960's floor lamp with diffuser and shade - 3 settings. It lights up a whole room and looks amazing doing so! A white wicker swag lamp is something I had saved to use for over a year now in our home, but have decided it would look great in the shop so it's also up for grabs. I'm even parting with some of my Shawnee pottery fawn and glass flower lamps ... probably crazy for doing this. I never see these anymore... (re-thinking...)

See ya later 'gater!

XO - Jill