Just a few shots of last night's Handmade Nation screening and craft sale. We were going non-stop so I didn't get many pictures. The evening went by so fast it was a blur. The movie was very inspiring, and it was fun to see some of our crafty hero's on the big screen. It was a full theater, and me and Allison had a fun time. Yay!

Leigh-Ann was there with her super cute set-up. She had so much good new stuff! She's bringing some into Lune soon, so it'll be fun to offer her goodies here too.

I have the lights on low to keep my mind feeling cool, even if it is a bit warm in here. It sure looks pretty, I feel like I'm in my living room sometimes.

Back to work with very gluey fingers, currently creating little projects. There's a bunch to do this week. I picked up a few projects today that will be in next week after their makeovers. Firstly, a great set of 4 bentwood ice cream parlor style chairs and a large paint by numbers picture are getting special treatment.

PS, Lune is closed tomorrow (Sunday) so that I may spend time with my 3 favorite Dads. Here's to hoping you and your Dad (or dad equivalent) have some good quality time tomorrow!