The Suburban

Schwinn Suburban, originally uploaded by Epicyclic Transmissions.

Hellow Monday, we're back in town! Just a quick note that we're going to be open today during the day starting at noon. I know it's dreary out, so get out of the house or take a walk by our little shop. There are lots of colorful treats to cheer your senses!

Our biggest find for the shop on our trip was a sky blue ladies Schwinn Suburban! I want to keep this bike sooooo bad, but I already have a cool one.

side note: our son named his bike "Rocket Bike" and had us name ours. Todd's "SuperCycle" and mine is "BlueBell". I haven't named the Schwinn, that's up to it's future lucky owner :-D

Tomorrow, a fashion show with some of the great threads we unearthed on our 3 day trip.

XO - Jill