I adore self portraits! They're so magical. I'm pretty shy about taking photo's - worried about being vain, but mostly for the reason that I'm really prone to sneeze or do a single eye blink right at the second of picture capture. It ain't pretty.

Isn't flickr wonderful? I've been so inspired by the amazing self portraits there. It's really changed my mind about the whole idea of taking pictures of yourself. Doesn't it make you see yourself in a new light? Here are a couple of my muses ...

Calico Courtney Brooke I love her vintage picture style. So pretty hippie!

Miss Lulu & The Teaspoon Shortage Why wasn't she cast for Alice & Wonderland 2010?(can't wait btw!)

Today it rained and rained. The light was so soft & pretty. The world seems so green. I threw on Todd's shoes, ran into the rainy back yard and posed with my friend the giant bendy tree (which one day will probably fall through our bedroom window and crush me in my sleep - kind of paranoid about this). Rain was dripping down my nose, but I couldn't capture that very well. Yes, there were a few funny faced ones. I probably took 50 pictures and was soaked at the end just to get one that I didn't mind. That's probably normal though, right?

I made an effort on this one. I'm finally taking the time to learn how to use photoshop and did some online tutorials. The rainbows were kind of a happy mistake/discovery. I liked them, so kept them. What do you think?