My brother Josh came for a quick visit today. He's pretty great really - so great he let me use him as a model for a few vintage jackets I'm saving for the etsy shop this fall. He's almost 6 years younger than me, but it seems like the older we get - the more insignificant the age difference seems.

I've noticed there's a serious lack of vintage for guys on etsy. Why is that?
While browsing I noticed the funny but kind of creepy product photography of Mother Midnight who have a pretty cool assortment of men's vintage clothes, accessories and shoes. Remember the movie Howard the Duck?

Big Brother Vintage
has some choice pieces, and seems devoted to vintage for guys. I don't know about the dirty jesus look - some people dig it. not me. Cool clothes though!

Oh yeah. And for the locals, we DO have a small selection of mens wear at Lune Vintage. Old and new T's and some cool jackets, a belt or two every so often and maybe a pair of old RayBan's. You never know!

XO - Jill