My happy place

So lately I've been turning into a grandma. Crochet afghans catch my eye, I'm learning how to knit, listening to the oldies, dragging along a wire wheelie cart on market trips, playing Yahtzee, having evening drinks (well, that was more Grandpa's style) and have taken to hanging out in the sun porch most evenings - probably knitting or playing Yahtzee while listening to said "oldies" and drinking ceasers,spritzers,sangria... yum!.

Here's my happy place this summer. I will try not to let it become the "product in limbo depository" that it has been in past years. Now that I'm a sudo-grandma, I'm sure I'll have no problem with cleanliness (right?)

PS. Thank you friends for your kind words about my kitty :-X
XO Jill