Oh...lazy Sunday.
Today I'm cleaning a bike and taking a nap. Maybe getting some ice-cream later but we'll see. We're pretty lazy around here today.

Just a reminder - THIS is on Tuesday! Thanks to everyone who signed up for the Learn To Knit & Purl Workshop. We have a full class and even squeezed in a couple more! I'm positive everyone will be thrilled with the their special kits!

Here are a few shots of the dinosaur Candis created in collaboration with Ancient Echos and the town of Herschel Saskatchewan. Most of the materials used were salvaged from scrap farm machinery and cars. Amazing! Check out the full picture story here.

And....Melanie (or customer, friend, and guest knitter) found the ideal background for the Pin Pals she purchased at Lune a few weeks ago. Seriously - this is the best! I'm soooo jealous of this find. Great eye Mel!

XO - Jill