Tonight is a late night. I rarely get these full cups of caffine around 11pm. Most nights I'm contented to let the day go, tell my mind to take a rest, and totally veg with my best friend & husbie (did I make that word up? I hate the word hubby). I know it's super important to spend quiet time with the ones you love, even when your mind is bursting with to do lists and projects you can't wait to get started or finished.

But tonight, said "husbie" is out seeing Green Day - and since I'm left behind, I'm spending all that quiet time with me myself and I. I've spent the time wisely learning how to use photoshop a bit more, but also realized that I have an old crappy version. Yuck.

Also...I sorted around and found some more top notch vintage to add to our renovated Etsy Shoppe. I really adore everything that's in there right now. It's all about what I love.

I've been feeling so inspired by the eclectic mixing of bohemian handmade vintage accessories and sleek mid century modern furnishings. Candis brought in a large, well worn persian-esque rug today - and something about it's tatty soft hues spoke to me! I'm feeling huge on seeking out pretty vintage art and handmade pillows for the shop. Do ya dig?

Maybe this is why I bought a midnight blue vintage mexican dress today. Beautiful! I think I might keepers this one!

XO - Jill