Well folks, it's Friday again. This summer is flying by for me. Just thought I'd share a few happy discoveries with you.

First off, I've been waiting to find just the right curtain for my sun porch - and after many failed attempts at thrifting the perfect one I finally found exactly what I was looking for. And no smoke smell - a total miracle! On top of this, I found a pair of white 60's light fixtures, one for our back hall (the globe shown) and another metal wide brim one for the laundry. Perfectly wired and ready to go. What luck!!! This wasn't all, but the rest I'll wait to show you in pictures once I decide if I can part with them (think lots of lamps!)

This afternoon I discovered that old millinery hat flowers make excellent headband embellishments! I kind of suspected that, but never tried it out until now. Tah-Dah!

This Wednesday I visited the fringe again, this time to catch a couple shows with my sil Tanya. We saw a wicked one at the Solid Gold strip club - Pig: A Peep Show of Forbidden Acts From The Farm which was a mix of a musical and campy horror (kinda rocky picture horror show). I was really impressed - and grossed out (if you're sensitive I wouldn't recommend it).

This Sunday, I'll be hanging out on the Legislative grounds with knitters & crocheters for the W.E.S.T. Knit Off. I'm just starting to knit, so if you are too, don't feel intimidated. This event is NOT for expert knitters and crocheters only.

And with that - Peace and Love this weekend. Have some summer fun and leave those emails to sit until Monday!

XO - Jill