clickity clack - i love you.

I hope the love of vintage typewriters continues. I love up-cycling and re purposing vintage materials, but it really broke my heart to see amputated keys being used so often for crafty purposes. Where was the rest of the typewriter? What a waste!

My mom was a secretary when I was a baby. I think about her, sitting at her desk and typing up correspondence. I imagine that she was very organized and conscientious. I KNOW she had great spelling (something I clearly didn't inherent - thank you spell check!)

Do you think the growing popularity of the typewriter has anything to do with the awesome force of Mad Men? I LOVE how that show offers us a slice of the way life used to be. Fun to watch, not very fun to live through (especially if you're a woman).

What would you (or do you) do with your vintage typewriter? Write love notes, grocery lists, compose poems or short stories? Have it sit and just look pretty - or let the kids play with it?

XO - Jill