a collection

First off, Thank you for your kind words about the store friends :-) Lune has been a project close to my heart for many years, and seeing it grow and evolve so quickly this year has been very encouraging. Meeting new friends and creative people in the process, and strengthening my relationship with those whom I've know for years has brought me so much happiness. Thank you! I can't wait to realize all the plans we've put in motion for the rest of 2009!

Today I'm adding some new choice vintage goodies to the etsy shop (like this wicked pedestal alarm clock, unused vintage divided tray, and japan made music lesson set), working on the new blog for Lune Collective - Studio 680, going to the beach, and roasting some marshmallows afterward.

One of my favorite (but time consuming) pastimes is doing product photo's. I keep all of them stored so I can look back and enjoy even when the actual item is long gone to another home.

Enjoy your "hump" day!
XO - Jill