Friday love

Well, that week went fast! What happened to it? This week was full of
- moving into and making plans for the new shop.
- dying red wine slips with a glass of white.
- gearing up with LA for our workshop in September.
- having tea-parties and dining at Smitty's with my little best buddy.
- shopping and storing and cleaning and sorting the best stock ever!
- Toy Shopping at Toad Hall - the cutest little toy store I'll share with you some day which happens to be right next door to our studio!
- watching a handful of movies I've been dying to watch and re-watch.
- A home hair dye (kind of scared to even look at this point)

polaroid by Missus Carly A Hauger

The weekend consists of birthday magic, Pony Rides and Fireworks, and a friendly businessey breakfast at Stellas (Yum!)

Have a great one! Oh yeah, vintage crafty share post postponed till Monday. Promise :-D