share time

So...guess what this is a picture of? I'm excited to share the month long evolution of this raw space from start to finish. Here is a part of the new Lune Studio 680. This will be my second retail space transformation this year. Some elements are being carried over from the Rathgar space which past visitors will recognize, with the addition of some seriously creative installations and furnishings. It'll be magical. I might want to live here.

Here are a few more etsy goodies on the way. I'm loving having chance to spend more time building up the LuneVintage etsy shop. This short hiatus is doing wonders for my mental health (and the creative ideas are flowing!). Still, the other side of me can't wait until the new studio is open for business and I can get back to being a shop owner again! All in good time :-D

Here is a sneak peek of the new Etsy crowd (more to come as usual):

Pretty honey colored, vintage Granny Glasses

An Aqua Realorama Slide Viewer that makes me want to collect vintage slides

The sweetest 70's paisley print book or laptop bag

I'm off to have a tea and pizza party with a 3 year old and his monsters.