sharing a happy secret....

Hello Monday!
I can't beleive how fast the summer has flown by so far. I can hardly beleive there are less than 3 weeks left in August. Our summer has been rainy, cold and kind of dull here in Winnipeg. Last night I had a dream that I woke up and there was a foot of snow on the ground! Luckily, this week is supposed to be accompanied by a heat wave, so we might get some beach time yet (with this little guy)!

The past couple of weeks have seen me hard at work on a new and exciting project which I'm so excited to introduce. It involves refining and focusing what we started with Lune Vintage on Rathgar, combined with a lot of fresh ideas and new talent. It's so hard for me to not talk about it more before the online Debut in September.

Here are a smidge of the details:

XO - Love Lune (and Jill)