a weekend away

Every August long weekend, we visit my husbands aunt and uncle's place on Longbow Lake, outside of Kenora Ontario. Their home is beautiful, and we always laugh a lot, eat and drink far too much, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. This year was no exception, and even though it rained part of the time, we had a beautiful blue sky Sunday and had an awesome time.

I think I love canoes.

A Warmer Day
- Art Print by Dr Kennedy Jones.etsy.com

and birch trees

I'm still loving my Birch Log from myimaginaryboyfriend.etsy.com
and now you can order a kit to make yourself (and save $25!) Totally worth it and fun!

I have lots of interesting and fun posts lined up for this week, as there's some really exciting new things happening in the next month for Lune! The announcement totally deserves it's own post, so no hints! See ya 2morrow!

XO - Jill