Oops. I missed Monday. It ran away too fast!

Things have been so busy around Lune lately - like CRAZY super long list, stay up till 2am every night (I have to go to bed by then because a little boy wakes up bright and early every morning, otherwise I'd be up much later!)kind of busy. Happily, everything is still on track and a bunch of it is almost ready to debut. I like being productive, so I'm in my element.

The Lune Collective - Studio 680 project is in swing. The website is ALMOST ready for debut and I'm so thrilled with some of the design elements. It's my favorite web/blog design I've ever done and I tried out some new tricks that I think I'll be using a lot in the future! Pretty soon I'm going to be an html whiz.

The site debuts on SEPTEMBER 15 and will include a bunch of beautiful pictures of the new studio and info on Studio Sale openings. The workshop schedule will be open that day too, and registrations start for our fall classes! Exciting!

Lune is involved in a lot of local events in September and October that I'm really looking forward to. More on that in a few days!

On the top of my list is a project that I've so much enjoyed pulling together with my sweet and talented friend Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest. Sign ups for the Indie Business Online Workshop end tomorrow. We're almost at full capacity and it's going to be a full & lively class! Can't wait!

aaaannnndddd....a sneak peek at upcoming stock this week at LuneVintage.etsy

Now off to enjoy summer for a few hours and spend the best kind of time with my little lovie!