Studio Lune - check her out!

It's OPEN!!!!

There still a ton to add since the studio isn't open until October 2nd. Art installations are being created, stock ordered, stitched and painted. Vintage is traveling around in trunks and amassing for it's rightful spot on tables, couches and chairs. We can't wait for you to see the finished product!

Expect the Online aspect of our Studio Shop to open mid October. There's a lot of photography, styling, and listing to do! I worked hard on this new blog design, so I hope everyone enjoys it!

Until then, check out the new Studio Lune site, and see what workshops are open for booking. We are keeping class sizes small to make sure everyone is comfy. If you've been to any of the Lune Vintage workshops in our old space, this one is larger and easier to move around in so don't worry about the increased class size. There's plenty of room for everyone!

I've been collecting like crazy, and been so blessed to keep finding more goods to fit the theme of the studio. I feel so zoned in - it's great! I hope when you visit us, you'll be able to feel it right away.

So much good stuff this week!

The Costume Museum of Canada's Nature is the New Black Fashion Show is on Saturday! Get all the details HERE.

Coming up the following week is a super De-Stash Craft & Art Supply Sale at the Cre8ery! A wealth of vintage and new supplies at super sale prices. Indoors - so come rain or shine!

Fall is looking busy, and fun! Just the way we like it!