This past weekend our city and the surrounding areas participated in a free day, where anyone who had working, usable items they wanted to share with the community, put them out on the front curb for the taking. I didn't have a ton of time to drive the streets, but look what I found in my very own neighborhood! Just what I'd been looking for, a giant sunny yellow, vintage 'steel tanker desk'!

I brought a beautiful mint green one from a local hospital to the studio. I sooooo wanted to keep it for home, but it was one solid welded piece, so there was NO way I was going to get it up the narrow stairs of our old house. The yellow beauty was in convenient (but still insanely heavy) pieces, so I she-hulked out and hoisted them into my hatchback. Two trips later, a lot of sweating, and some questionable moments during "re-construction" later... my new awesome work-space!

I could hardly beleive someone would just throw this out on the curb, seeing similar tanker desks selling for over $1,500 at upscale modern vintage stores (like this beauty here). Felt like I hit the jackpot on this one. Just proves one mans trash is another girls treasure!

I knew I tripped over that shell chair for this past year for a good reason! Perfect!

Happy Monday!
XO - Jill