Happy Halloween!

This is the outfit I've been living in since yesterday, and probably won't retire it until sometime early tomorrow morning. I love being a walking rainbow!

All through school I was asked "Hey Jill, where's Jack?" I never understood how so many people could think they were being clever with that one, is that supposed to be funny? At last, I've let go of my nursery rhyme grudge, so whatever - "He broke his skull on a rock". Too dark? Here's my take on nursery Jill, including a super cute dress I snagged last month for $2.99 while thrifting. All it needed with a hem shorten, a bucket, and a coffee stained vintage apron (we have a few of those lying around...) and Bango! I'm ready for my fall down the hill.

So much to do today, including last minute costume alterations, pumpkin carving, seed baking, house cleaning, candle buying, candy giving, candy eating, wine drinking, and lots of dancing. I LOVE HALLOWEEN! Have a howl, and see you here tomorrow for a loving re-cap!


PS. What are you dressing up as this year?